ReviewsBay Area author, novelist and freelance writer Fayette fox holding debut novel, "The Deception Artist", literary fiction about childhood and make-believe, truth and lies. for “The Deception Artist

  • “A wonderfully captivating story” – The Militant Recommender
  • “A quirky, charming debut, and Ivy’s perspective is beautifully captured.” – The Independent
  • “The characters in this novel are wonderfully brought to life, with both the children and adults being credibly voiced throughout…a captivating debut, and hopefully the first of many books from Fayette Fox.” – We Love This Book
  • “With sharp, witty prose and an utterly endearing and sympathetic heroine, The Deception Artist is a story that draws you in and has you rooting for its central character as if she were your eight-year-old self.” – Stylist: Emerald Street
  • The Deception Artist is told from Ivy’s perceptive and I loved being inside her eight-year-old mind. Ivy is artistic and has a fantastic imagination but she is also easily confused, which leads some great laugh-out-loud moments.” – Novelicious
  • “A funny and heartwarming novel which looks at the life of a typical Northern Californian family in the 1980’s recession through the eyes of an imaginative, adorable eight-year old. Ivy is one of the most beautifully sweet and intelligent children I’ve had the pleasure of reading. I definitely would have been friends with her if she’d gone to my school…I found Fayette Fox’s writing delicious to read.” – Bookhugger
  • “Ivy is a brilliant character and Fox writes her perspective incredibly naturally… The Deception Artist is a very impressive debut. All the characters are complicated but overall sympathetic. Apart from anything else, a reader can’t help but fall for Ivy.” – The Bookbag